London Alzheimer’s Clinic

NeuroPulse™ TPS® clinic on London’s Harley Street

London Alzheimer’s Clinic is situated within Nurify Medical, a private medical and psychiatric clinic situated in Harley Street in Central London.

Dr Mohamed Abdelghani founded Nurify Medical in 2015, and has treated hundreds of patients with psychiatric disorders including depression, anxiety, OCD, and bipolar disorder. Our clinicians are experts in non-invasive and combination procedures, using cutting edge medical-grade technology to treat conditions which would otherwise need more invasive intervention. We employ dedicated specialists who ensure the treatment you get is tailored specifically to your needs.

London Alzheimer’s Clinic believes in taking a holistic approach with our patients’ health; one that can only work when we’ve got to know your unique requirements.

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London Alzheimer’s Clinic

100 Harley Street,

Tube: Regents Park (5 min walk) and Bond Street (8 min walk)
Bus: 113, 159, 18, 205, 390, 94

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The Clinicians

Dr Mohamed Abdelghani London Alzheimers Clinic

Dr Mohamed Abdelghani
Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr Abdelghani is one of the most renowned psychiatrists in London. He is a Mood Disorder and Adult ADHD expert and an award-winning psychiatrist.

In 2016 he founded the first TMS clinic in London at Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust and he continues to lead this service today. In 2017 he became the first British doctor to be elected as a director of the Clinical TMS Society and he was re-elected to this position in 2020. The Clinical TMS Society is the largest professional organisation of TMS clinicians in the world.

Dr Maja Elia London Alzheimers Clinic

Dr Maja Elia
Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr Elia is a Consultant General Adult and Old Age Psychiatrist with over 15 years’ experience of working therapeutically in mental health settings with adults, older adults and their families. She has a friendly, compassionate nature, is very patient focused, and understands the need for an individualised approach, while ensuring that evidence based practise is followed.

Her dual training in old age psychiatry as well as liaison psychiatry has awarded her with expertise in assessing and treating various mental health conditions in elderly people complicated by physical health problems. While working as a Consultant Psychiatrist on the inpatient unit for the elderly, she has been nominated for The Royal College Award by the senior old age consultants and the trust management board for improving NHS services, and providing a high quality of care. During her vast experience in old age psychiatry as a trainee as well as a consultant psychiatrist, she has obtained exceptional skills in conducting comprehensive cognitive assessments in various types of dementia diagnosis and treating these conditions through a holistic approach and evidence-based medicine.

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